Create a personalized page
in memory of a loved one

Why create a page on inmemori?

You just lost a loved one.

Inmemori provides you a personalized and private page in his or her memory to:

  • Forward very quickly funeral information to all your close ones
  • Share homages, condolences, memories and pictures
  • Organize a donation drive

See a page example

How to create a page on inmemori?

  • Create a page in the memory of your loved one in less than 5 minutes
  • Share the page with all your close ones simply by sending its link by email, text message and/or on social networks
  • Follow the activity of your page (number of views, number of homages, number of donations)
  • Print the memory book of all the homages (condolences, memories and pictures) shared on the page


People who used the service share their feedbacks:

« Your service is really easy to use and very useful. It helped us a lot during the funeral organization and the messages shared one the page bring us a lot of comfort. »

« I would like to sincerely thank you for inmemori that supports us during this hardship and that enabled us to gather all our close ones very easily. »

« This page in the memory of our mother means a lot to us. »


The inmemori team is at your disposal for any questions.